A little story of our people

Indonesia is a nation rich in culture and arts diversity. The uniqueness and distinctive cultural diversity represents national identity and become one of the attractive factor in the global level.

Lentera Nusantara is a start-up company engaged in the development of digital content and technology-based research culture. The company was formed by some people known as lecturer and researcher at several well known university in Indonesia.

Each of us active in the field of research related to engineering, digital media and culture. Regarding the fact that we have the same mission, which is to preserve the richness of culture through media technology advances, we decided to form Lentera Nusantara as a digital content developer.

Indonesian cultural richness is one of the most essential aspect for us. Currently our team has developed some excellent products with local cultural research content which integrated through digital media. This also used in some interactive museum development in Indonesia.

Through products within deep research, our team has participated in various exhibitions and awards, including the Indonesian
Creative Product Week 2010, Indonesia Digital Media Festival, Inaicta, Indonesia Game Show, SOI Asia Technology, Tech in Asia, and Web Summit Dublin.

Our Artists

Our artists are team of passionate people who loves to playing games and always heartfully excited about new concept and art development. We have the same interest, which is to reveal cultural arts into a new digital concept.

Our Engineers

Our engineers were always there to supports the ideas, even sometimes we switch the minds and ruin the rules. Grown up from the same vision and ideas, we are here to provide our best works passionately.

The Founders

Wahyu Agung Pramudito (Managing Director)

Wahyu Agung Pramudito (Managing Director)Formerly research associate with the Microwave and Communications Systems (MACS) group within the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Manchester.

Major: signal processing for communication applications Academic information: B.Eng at the University of Manchester (Computing and
Communication Systems Engineering), PhD at the University of Manchester (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Keywords: signal processing, heterogeneous cellular network, multi-antenna systems, cooperative communication, LTE/LTE-A, 5G cellular network

Azizah Assattari (Creative Director | Founder)

Azizah-Assattari-Creative-Director-FounderFormerly associate researcher in Microsoft Innovation Center and Museum Layangan Indonesia, Lecturer at Institut Teknologi Bandung, Binus International University, Universitas Widyatama. Creative Director of Lentera Nusantara

Major : Multimedia and Game Design
Academic Information : Bachelor’s Degree at Institut Teknologi Bandung (Multimedia Design), Master’s Degree at Institut Teknologi Bandung (Game and Technology Design)
Keywords: Multimedia Design, Digital Painting, Art Concept, 2D and 3D animation

Anindyo Wishnu Wibowo (Art Director)

Anindyo-Wishnu-Wibowo-Art DirectorCurrently Digital Artist at Lentera Nusantara. Formerly Concept Exhibition Artist at Rumah Musik Harry Roesly (RMHR)

Major : 2D Illustration, Digital Painting, Interaction and Level Design
Academic Information : Bachelor’s Degree of Art and Graphic Design (Universitas Widyatama)
Keywords: Digital Painting, Interaction Design, Game Design

Lingga Krisnadi (Senior Admin, Concept Development)

Lingga-Krisnadi-Senior-Admin-Concept-Development)Currently Senior Animator at Lentera Nusantara. Formerly Asset Developer Dessigner at Microsoft Innovation Center.

Major : 3D modeling, rigging, and animation
Academic Information : Animation Degree at Institut Teknologi Bandung
Keywords: 3D modeling, bone animation, Content Writing, Game Scriptwriting



Simon Makenzie

Kurt McClung


Emerson SinulinggaEmerson Sinulingga

Currently a lecturer at The University of Sumatera Utara with research interest in Microwave Monolitic Integrated Circuit and Component and Development of Wireless Sensor Networks.

Major Electronic Telecommunication
Academic Information : B.Eng at Institut Technology Bandung, PhD at the University of
Manchester (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
Keywords: Instrumentation, Robotics Engineering, Biomedics, Exosceleton

Mustiko Cahyo

About Lentera Nusantara

Lentera Nusantara is an Intellectual Property House based on technology and art engagement. By emerging art and technology researches and development, our intention started with unveiling the world's beautiful heritages into the new paradigm of digital content.
Our intention started with unveiling the world's beautiful heritages into the new paradigm of digital content.

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